How Is the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna in Different from Far Infrared (FIR)?

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How Is the Full Spectrum Infrared Sauna Different from Far Infrared (FIR)?

Infrared Sauna Henderson at The District in Green Valley: How Is a Full Spectrum Energy Infrared Sauna Different from A Far Infrared (FIR) Sauna? Most people who use infrared saunas are unaware of the healing benefits of full spectrum infrared saunas. The most popular type of infrared sauna is the far infrared (FIR), which benefits include:

  • Weight loss
  • Detoxification
  • Blood pressure reduction
  • Relaxation

However, did you know there are additional healing benefits of full spectrum infrared saunas? As a result, you might be missing out on these by only exposing yourself to far infrared therapy.

 What Are Full Spectrum Energy Infrared Sauna Rays

Full Spectrum Infrared rays are part of the sun’s natural spectrum. Therefore, the natural radiant energy produced by a full spectrum infrared sauna is identical to that of the sun. However, there are no harmful ultraviolet rays. There are three levels of spectrums of Ray:

  • Near
  • Mid
  • Far

In addition, these spectrums resonate with the subcutaneous fat layer of the human body producing different healing responses.

Until now, infrared saunas have been specific in either far or near infrared depending on your health requirements. But now, our Full Spectrum infrared sauna in Henderson in The District at Green Valley, provides an experience combining all three spectrums. This means you have an incredibly effective sauna experience ensuring all areas of health are targeted.

Here’s what you can expect from a Full Spectrum Energy Infrared Sauna:

  •  Near Infrared – Cell health/Immunity, Wound Healing, Skin Purification, Pain Relief
  •  Mid-Infrared – Pain Relief, Improved Circulation, Weight Loss
  •  Far Infrared – Weight Loss, Detoxification, Blood Pressure Reduction, Relaxation

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